The world of interior design has taken a new leap forward with modernized furniture pieces, which not only elevate the décor but also add a minimalistic touch to it. Over the last few years, natural finishes and minimalism have been favorites for both designers and homeowners. In 2022, new furniture trends have emerged to become standout performers to be the highlight of any décor, including painted furniture. According to a consumer behavior survey, over 32.5% of respondents find painted wood furniture appealing. So, if you think painted furniture is old-fashioned, think again. Today, we have prepared a guide for painted furniture ideas based on interior design preferences and fads. So, buckle up.

The Best Painted Furniture to Choose From

Antique Furniture with a Touch of Contemporary Lift

Antique furniture pieces are like collective action figures which should be kept inside boxes, but sometimes breaking stereotypes can be fruitful. Painting antique furniture payback beautifully by adding a bold new lease to the age-old pieces. The best part about painting such furniture is that it can fit with any décor. But instead of painting yourself, why not let Lavishway do the work for you?

Lavishway offers all kinds of furniture that can boost your checklist of painted furniture ideas. One of the collections offered the Grey Painted 2 Drawer Console Table. Although it’s one of the simplest designs, its antique-style look and high-quality particle board can light up your décor. With durability and strength as its core features, it stays firmly on the ground. It has two slide-out doors and spacious top and bottom table sections. So, spaciousness will not be a problem for this masterpiece.

Inspire Your Bedroom with Painted Furniture Ideas for Dressers

Dressers are essential pieces of furniture for your bedroom. Whether you’re looking for a vintage touch or minimalistic designs, a well-painted dresser can do wonders for you. But to get the best dresser for your bedroom, you must be creative. Thankfully, Lavishway has something to offer our creative thinkers, i.e., Nordic 2 Drawers Bed Side Cabinet. The 2-drawer side table is more than just to hold your specs, but it has enough space to keep your clothes off the floor.

Its painted surface and frame are not only easy to clean, but they can fit in any indoor location. Further, it is crafted in a thick wood framework, with two large drawers and handling of your liking. It even has elevated feet to protect your floor, which adds stability and a chance to move anywhere you want. So, if you’re listing down painted furniture ideas, this dresser/side table should definitely be on your list.

Painted Furniture Beyond Traditional Furniture with a Colorful Lamp Table

If you ask any artist, they will tell you that paint is the perfect element to bring uniqueness, whether in your personality or other objects. That’s why we have included a painted lamp table in our painted furniture ideas. A painted lampshade can potentially transform your bedroom’s entire look. The real question is, which lamp table will suit your décor? How about Lavishway’s Cotswold Oak Top Grey Lamp Table?

This beautifully-crafted lamp table offers the perfect blend of colors and spaciousness that will perfectly embody your room’s décor. Comprised of a combination of basket space and traditional drawers, its exciting silver handles give the table a luxurious look. At one point, you’d feel like you’re living in a cottage. This is the perfect addition to your décor because it has a contrasting chamfered edge, which adds alluring features to an already exciting piece of furniture.

Even a Cup of Coffee Would Look Good on a Painted Coffee Table

Who doesn’t like a cup of coffee on a treacherous Monday morning? Let’s reduce the treacherous effect by adding a painted coffee table. A painted coffee table is a non-traditional commodity that can make a huge difference to your overall décor. But getting the right coffee table can be tricky for most buyers. Luckily, Lavishway offers coffee tables that will make you look twice. Its Cotswold Cream 1 Drawer Coffee Table is not only affordable, but the look is out of this world.

This coffee table adds a versatile mix of open and hidden storage and nook shelves and basket space for a spacious makeover. Just like its lamp table, this coffee table also has silver handles for a luxurious touch and a cottage feel. Available in two colors, cream and Grey, you’re looking at one of the classiest pieces of furniture at Lavishway. So, what are you waiting for? Order now.

Signing Off with a Nightstand

A nightstand is one of those pieces of furniture that some people are quite fond of. That’s right! Most people store important and sometimes personal items to keep out of everyone’s sight. Usually, a nightstand contrasts with the bedroom décor seamlessly, but a painted nightstand has a class of its own.

Lavishway offers a Leonardo Rose Gold Legs Nightstand which is nothing like the Titanic ship. This bold yet contemporary imposing touch, with a solid black oak veneer body and astounding gold legs, gives a luxurious feel to your bedroom. Most of our designers claim that this painted nightstand screams classic meets modern designs. For someone listing down painted furniture ideas, a nightstand can be a great addition to your décor.

Bottom Line

Painted furniture is one of those few additions that change the entire décor and doesn’t bother much on your expenses. You can further limit your expenses by painting and refurnishing your old furniture. But if you’re going for a complete renovation, we suggest you consider our painted furniture ideas.

Lavishway is one of the most promising furniture stores today. Whether you’re looking for furniture for your living room or the kitchen, we have it all. So, if you’re listing down painted furniture ideas, we have a few of the best pieces. So, rest assured, you’re in great hands. So, make the lavish choice with Lavishway! Browse through our collection today

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