How to Choose the Right Wall Clock for Living Room

For most of us, it gets so overwhelming to check the time on our phones because of the number of messages and responsibilities it reminds us of. This is where the need and serenity of the wall clock come in. An uncomplex device that stays in its place and does a straightforward job tells you the time. 

It will keep you punctual, but a wall clock also adds to the décor of the room. It makes a statement merely with its presence in the room.

It is not just about just having a clock to tell the time; you also need to see the type of clock that would align with your dynamic personality. 

The Smart Choice

The selection of a wall clock for the room is as important as making the right choice for the room's color. Therefore when you have to choose a wall clock, you have to coordinate with other details of the furniture and décor of the respective room. 

large wall clockNordic Design Gold Modern Wall Clock


The best way to make the right choice is to consider the color and the décor of the room and then look at the beautiful and exquisite range of wall clocks at Lavishway. 

What is Your Type 

Do you like your clock digital or analogue? Usually, the clocks at home are preferred to be analogue because of the essence of solemnity it brings to the room.

The Bigger - The Better 

For a classy look, most people prefer large wall clocks

Large wall clocks fill up the space and fulfill the need for other decorations. You can use the large wall clock and the room's colors to your benefit. You can match and choose the color of the clock to compliment the room's hue. 

vintage wall clockVintage 3D Retro Iron Modern Wall Clock


Whereas you also have the option to use the generous appearance of the clock and select the color in contrast to the color of the room. It will be a bold move. 

Be On-time 

Another essential factor to consider is the placement and position of the wall clock. There are many rooms and places in our homes where we think we can place the clock. But it is important to note where it is needed as well. 

wooden wall clockNordic Hanging Rope Wooden Wall Clock


One of the places where the clocks should be placed and are needed is the kitchen. Whether you need to be sure of how long you should marinate or how much time you have for breakfast until you need to leave for work. It will keep you on track. 

You can have a look at the kitchen wall clocks.  

How about Going Back in Time? 

What about adding an antique and relic look to the room? An old grandfather clock or antique wall clock can always level up the looks to the next level. 

industrial retro wall clockIndustrial Vintage Wooden Wall Clock

The antique wall clock walls indicate an exquisite taste. They bring great calm energy to the room. The grandfather clock or the ones with a rusty look can add a little music to your house with their tick-tock. The rhythm of a clock with its shifting parts and spinning cogs can be very relaxing.

Modern & Classy 

One of the prominent choices is going for the modern look. Modern wall clocks are not limited, and they have many different looks that come under their umbrella. 

Decorative Modern Wall ClockNordic Quartz Decorative Modern Wall Clock


We've got you covered with our diverse collection. The modern clocks bring an eclectic look to the room. They dwell well with bare walls or toned-down showpieces. 

If you are wondering where to buy wall clocks in the UK? Lavishway is the answer to your search and query. Our fast services and fantastic deals make it possible for you to bring an elite look to your home at very reasonable prices.

Lavish Wall Clocks 

Whatever is your type of preference, Lavishway has it in its wide range of wall clocks. Buy the quality wall clocks at the guaranteed lowest prices in the UK. 

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